June Misbehaves

Episode 1

Fade In: Beautiful bright sunny day overview of the tree lined street and white picket fences of Glendale, Mass.  We are on Sunny Acre Street and we slowly pan up to the home of Walter and June Baylor.  We move up the front of the white colonial home to the bedroom window of Ellie Baylor.

Dissolve: Interior.  Ellie’s Bedroom.  Ellie, 18, is standing in front of a full length mirror in her wedding gown.  June, 40, is standing beside her in her mother of the bride outfit with tears in her eyes and dabbing them with a handkerchief.

Ellie: Oh, Mom, stop it, please.

June: I’m sorry, Ellie.  I just can’t help myself.  To think that today you will be getting married and going away.  It’s just incredible that’s all.

Ellie: I don’t know what’s so incredible about it.  Guy and I have been in love for a year now and we’ve been planning this wedding six months.  Six whole months, Mom, jeez.

June: Oh, I know, dear, and I don’t want you thinking I don’t think Guy isn’t a wonderful guy because he is he’s just a wonderful guy Guy is.

Ellie: So what is it?

June: It’s nothing, dear.  I’m just so happy for you.  (A little tap on the door and enters Doris. She is a little overdone with the makeup and hair and clothes but tastefully so.)

Doris: Oh, my Goodness!

June: Mother, please, close the door.

Doris: You’re beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  I don’t know when I have seen a more beautiful bride. (Looking in the full length mirror.) Other than myself of course.  (To June) Do you, June?  Do you know when you have seen a more beautiful bride?

June: (Closing the door): No, Mother, I don’t know when I’ve seen a more beautiful bride.

Doris: I mean you were attractive, June.  Pleasant but you couldn’t say you were a beautiful bride.  Not like myself or Ellie.

Ellie: (Embracing Doris): Oh, Grandmother.

June: Yes, well, it is Ellie’s day.

Doris: Of course it is.  I had my day.  You had yours and now Ellie has hers and what a wonderful man you have.  Guy Lamont.  He really is a wonderful man and so handsome and so brilliant.  Imagine Ellie marrying a man who will be a top engineer for NASA.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  What a life you will have.  I must say, Ellie, I envy you.  Wasn’t it Voltaire who said youth is wasted on the young?

June: I don’t think so, Mother.

Doris: And to Voltaire I would say but what have you said lately?

June: Mother, how much punch have you had?

Doris: (O.L.): I had my Chester, you have your Walter and Ellie has her Guy.  How fortunate you are, June, to have two happy healthy children and with your son Wally’s wife expecting well it’s a wonderful time for you, June.  I hope you appreciate it.

June: I do, Mother, I appreciate it.

Doris: Well I hope so.  So many women today are just throwing their lives away.  Disgraceful.  Did you see what happened to Helen’s daughter, Betsy?  She became a h-i-p-p-i-e and joined a c-o-m-m-u-n-e.

Ellie: I know how to spell, Grandmother.

Doris: Disgraceful.  What sort of woman runs off from a happy marriage and happy home with a ten year old child and does that?  I ask you, June.  Who does that?

June: Betsy.

Doris: (Gives her the look): Well I hope you aren’t planning to do something like that.

June: Believe me, Mother.  I am perfectly happy with Walter and with the children and with my life in this house with my family and friends all around us.  I could never want anything else.

(Sharp knock on the door.  June opens it.  It’s Walter dressed in his tux and he enters.)

Walter: What are you girls doing?  Mother, didn’t I send you in here to tell them–

Doris: Oh, yes, I’d completely forgotten.  Reverend Abernathy is here.

Walter: Thank you, Mother.

Doris: Your welcome.  (She kisses Ellie on the cheek and exits.)

June: How could she–

Walter: (Reassuringly): Never mind, honey.  (They kiss lovingly.) This is our girl’s day and nothing is going to spoil it.

June: Oh, Walter, I love you so much.

(Walter takes Ellie’s arm and proceeds out as June follows behind.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  June is sitting dressed in black in a chair.  She is holding someone’s hand as the person says to her.

Man: Walter was the best.  Really the best.  I just can’t believe it.  I’m so sorry, June.

June: Thank you.

(We pull back wider to see the Man and his wife depart.  June is seated in her chair next to her overdone Mother and sad crying daughter.)

June: (Only looking forward): Is it over?  Is he the last one?

Doris: Yes, dear.

June: He can’t believe it?  I can’t believe it.  (We pull back further to show Walter laying in his casket.)  It just doesn’t seem right somehow.  We had a beautiful day.  It was a beautiful day, wasn’t it, Ellie?

Ellie: Yes, Mom, it was a beautiful day.

June: Your wedding day.  Remember?

Ellie: Yes, Mom, I remember.

CUT-TO: Interior.  June and Walter’s living room.  Later that night.  June and Walter are happy and kissing in their living room.

June: What a beautiful day, Walter.  It was a beautiful day.

Walter: Yes it was.  Our Ellie had a beautiful day.  The weather was beautiful, the food was beautiful, even your Mother was beautiful.

June: Walter, I think you’ve had too much to drink.

Walter: You might be right.  Anyway, you know who was most beautiful of all?

June: No.

Walter: You.

June: Oh, Walter.

Walter: No I mean it.  You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known, June, and today looking at our Ellie as beautiful as she is she was not more beautiful than you on our wedding day or after.  These twenty years together have been wonderful and now that the kids are off on their own we’re still young enough to have twenty or even thirty more.  Just you and me, June.

June: Oh, Walter, I love you so much.  You are such a wonderful man and I could not have imagined my life to be this wonderful.  I never want anything else except to be your wife.

(They embrace and kiss passionately.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Edna’s kitchen.  She and June are seated at her table.  June is dressed in black and Edna is dressed in her kitchen dress and is somewhat plain looking and there is a bunt cake on the table that has been carefully sliced into.  Empty coffee cups and a pot still on the table.

June: And then we made love.  He was so wonderful and gentle and then we fell asleep in each others arms and then when I woke up in the morning he was–

Edna: I know, June.  I know.  It takes time.

June: That’s what everyone says but it’s been six months now and it feels as if it was just yesterday.

Edna: I know, June, I know.

June: I just don’t know what I’m going to do, Edna.

Edna: You met with the lawyer?

June: Oh, yes.  Walter made good investments and I can stay in our house forever if I want.

Edna: Well it’s good to know you don’t have to work.

June: Right.

Edna: And there’s your grandson Wally the third.  That’ll fill up your time.

June: Yes I suppose so but–

Edna: But what?  She can’t be stopping from seeing your own grandson.

June: Oh, no, it’s not that.  It’s just that Samantha and I have never been particularly close and Wally is always working so it’s awkward to just stop by and when I call well she’s busy with the baby so–

Edna: Well I have kind of crazy idea that might take you out of this mourning for a while.

June: What is it?

Edna: Well you know I belong to The Glendale Players.

June: That community theater you’re part of?

Edna: Yes.  We’re putting on a benefit performance of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.  One night only and the proceeds go towards the Boys and Girls Clubs of Glendale.

June: That’s nice.

Edna: They’re always looking for help.

June: Oh, I could never be in a play.  I’m not talented like you, Edna.

Edna: Oh, I’m not talented.

June: You’re Cleopatra was unimaginable .  Walter and I had never seen anything like it before or since.

Edna: Thank you.  I was just thinking you could be backstage helping with make up or costumes.  It will take your mind off of Walter even for a little bit.

June: Oh, I appreciate, Edna, really I do but I don’t think it’s for me.  Anyway, I don’t want to waste any more of your time.  You have to cook your dinner for Jim and Walter will be–Oh, Edna.

CUT-TO: Interior.  June’s dining room.  The places are set with place mats, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc.  The table is elegantly and beautifully set.  June enters from the kitchen carrying a bowl of American Chop Suey.  She is beautifully dressed and places the bowl on the table and starts to take it out of the bowl on to a plate.  She puts the plate in front of her and then looks up.

June: Looks like I made too much of this again.

Suddenly it all hits her and she screams in an uncontrollable rage.  She takes the plate and smashes it against the wall and then takes the bowl and throws that against the wall and falls on the floor and sobs uncontrollable sobs.

CUT-TO: Nighttime.  Exterior.  The Glendale Trinity Church.  June pulls up in her car.  She parks the car and exits it dressed more casually.  She takes a deep breath and heads towards the Church where several cars are also parked.

CUT-TO: Interior.  The Glendale Trinity Church.  People are busy putting a play on the stage. June enters quietly and sees Sheila Bullock, 30ish, jeans, plaid shirt, big breasts, red hair and smoking a cigarette.

Sheila: Can I help you?

June: I’m June…June Baylor.

Seymour: (Off): Quiet!  (As he enters the scene dressed from head to toe in black and possibly wearing a cape.) I must have quiet when I am working.

June: I’m sorry.

Sheila: He’s our own Federico Fellini.

Seymour: How many times must I remind you, Sheila.  Fellini is a film director.  I am a theater director.

Sheila: Right and I’m Marilyn Monroe.

Edna: (Running in): Oh, June, you came.  Seymour, Sheila this is the person I was talking to you about, June Baylor.  My best friend.  She’s a (mouths it) widow.

Sheila: Oh, so you’re June?

June: Edna told you all about me?

Sheila: No.  (She walks away.)

Edna: Don’t pay any attention to Sheila.  She’s like with everyone.  She’s such a kidder.  This is our esteemed director and founder (she bows) Seymour Field.

Seymour: Edna, be a dear and go.

Edna: Where?

Seymour: Anywhere, Edna, anywhere.  (Edna curtsies and exits.) You’re auditioning, of course.

June: Oh, no, I was just stopping by to–

Seymour: You have a certain quality I like.

June: I just came by to see Edna–

Seymour: Silence!  Yes you will audition.

June: No I couldn’t–

Seymour: When Seymour Field speaks people listen.  Come with me June Baylor.  I’m going to make you a star.

Close up of June who is nervous and swallows.

Fade to Black

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