Everlasting Love

Riches to Rags

Episode 235

Fade In: Interior.  Kathy’s kitchen.  The bright sun is shining through as there is a knocking on the door.  We hear Jen’s voice outside the door calling for Kathy.  Kathy comes running down the stairs with Elsie after her holding Declan.  Kathy goes to the door and opens it.

Jen: Kathy! (She embraces Kathy and enters holding her.)

Kathy: Jen, let me go I can’t breathe!

Jen: So I’ll buy you an oxygen tent!  (Letting go of Kathy indicating Elsie) Hell, I’ll even buy her one!

Kathy: (Closing the door): What are you doing here?

Jen: What do you mean what am I doing here?  Where else would I be?  I’m rich and now you are too!

Kathy: Sit down.

Jen: I can’t stay long.  My husband Richard is in the car taking care of business.  It sounds funny to say my husband!  Can you believe it?

Kathy: No.  Not really.  Sit down.  I’ll make you a cup of coffee.

Jen: I can’t sit.  I’m too happy.  I didn’t ever think I would be this happy.  (To Elsie) Hi.

Kathy: Jen, you know Elsie.

Jen: Sure.  How are you?

Elsie: I’m good, Mrs. Wembly.

Jen: Mrs. Wembly.  Oh you mean me?  I like the sound of that.

Kathy: Elsie, why don’t you take Declan upstairs and I’ll be up in a few minutes?

Elsie: Yes, Miss Kathy.  (She exits with Declan).

Kathy: Well…

Jen: (Beat): Yeah unbelievable huh?

Kathy: Yes.  I would’ve thought you’d have called me.

Jen: I was going to but it happened so suddenly.  He asked me to marry him and wanted to get married immediately.  So there really wasn’t any time.  But you’re happy for me, right?

Kathy: Oh of course!  I’m thrilled for both of you.  He’s lucky and so are you.

Jen: And so are you and Jim because now that I have money so do you.

Kathy: That’s nice of you, Jen, really but I don’t think it works that way.

Jen: Hey, what’s the matter?  I mean I come here with this great news and great attitude and I feel like your mad at me or something.

Kathy: Forget it.

Jen: No tell me.  What’s the matter?

Kathy: Okay once all this started to happen to Jim and me I thought you’d be by my side helping us but I haven’t heard a word from you or even seen you til now.  I feel like you deserted me and I never would have done that to you.

Jen: Oh, wow.  I can’t believe it.  You’re jealous.

Kathy: No, I’m not.

Jen: You’re jealous that I am married to one of the richest men in the world and–

Kathy: And my husband is in jail for waiting trial for a murder he didn’t commit?  Believe me, Jen, I don’t have time to be jealous of you.  All I have time for is everything else.

Jen: But no time for me?

Kathy: Not while you’re drinking.

Jen: Drink–you think I’m drinking again?

Kathy: Does Richard know?

Jen: How dare you accuse me of drinking again?

Kathy: Okay.  I don’t have time for this.  I love you and I’m very happy for you but I can’t take this on too.

Jen: Take what on?

Kathy: Jen, please.  I can’t do it.  If you’re not going to be honest with me or Richard at least be honest with yourself.

Jen: What makes you think I’m drinking again?

Kathy: Because you haven’t been around and when you drink you start to back away from those who love you and when you hugged me I could smell it.

Jen: Jesus!  I gotta go.

Kathy: Jen!  I love you and I hope you get the help you need but I don’t have the energy to do it this time.  I can’t.

(Jen opens the door and exits.  Jen bumps into Paula, who is entering.)

Paula: Well if it’s isn’t the Grande Dame of Maple Falls.

Jen: That’s right, bitch, and don’t you forget it.  (She exits)

Paula: (Closing the door): Class will tell.

Kathy: Paula, what do you want?

Paula: I’d kill for a cup of coffee.  I’m not feeling at all well today.

Kathy: The coffee’s over there.  Help yourself.

Paula: It sounded like you besties were having an argument.  What about?

Kathy: What do you want, Paula, besides a cup of coffee?  You must want something otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Paula: You’re being rather short with me.  I’m concerned about you and the children and Jim.  I am part of this family, Kathy.  I grew up in this house after all.

Kathy: I know you did as you constantly remind me.  So?

Paula: Well it’s not  an easy thing for me to ask.

Kathy: Let me guess.  You want to live here.

Paula: Just temporarily.  I thought I could help with the children and the cooking and be of assistance to you while my brother wastes away in prison.

Kathy: Oh so now you want to move back in as a favor as to me is that right?

Paula: Well I know you could use someone to help around here.

Kathy: And that would be you?

Paula: Yes, of course.  We are family, Kathy.

Kathy: I know.  You keep reminding me.

Paula: You act as if it’s a bad thing.

Kathy: Let’s see.  Right now my husband is sitting in jail for killing your ex-husband so you hadn’t come back to town with him Jim would be here.  So right now it doesn’t feel like a good thing.

Paula: Are you blaming me for coming back to Maple Falls?  My mother was dying for God’s sake.  I had to see her.

Kathy: I know that, Paula, but ever since you’ve been back both times you’ve had your hand out.  Jim and I aren’t exactly swimming in money but we work or at least we did until Jim was arrested for Noel’s murder and now you expect me to take you in.

Paula: I offered to help.

Kathy: I don’t need your help.  I have Elsie.

Paula: She’s a stranger.

Kathy: Not to me she isn’t.  She’s a dear friend who took me in when I needed it.  (We hear Declan cry.)

Elsie: (Off): Miss Kathy, Declan needs his bottle.

Kathy: Bring him down here, Elsie, please.

(Elsie enters down the stairs with Declan.)

Elsie: (Surprised): Oh, hello, Mrs. Tremayne.

Paula: Hello.

Kathy: I’ll take Declan, Elsie.  Would you mind heating up the bottle, please?

Elsie: Yes, Miss Kathy.  (She crosses to the refrigerator, opens it, etc. and crosses to the microwave, opens it, etc.)

Kathy: Elsie, Paula is moving in.

Elsie: Oh.  Then you won’t be need–

Kathy: No, Elsie, I still need you.

Elsie: (Smiles): Oh good.

Kathy: I just want you to  concentrate solely on Declan.  (Microwave beeps and Elsie takes it and hands it to Kathy.)

Elsie: Oh all right, Miss Kathy.

Kathy: Thank you, Elsie.  (To Declan) Here you are.  That’s a good boy.

Paula: Thank you, Kathy, and anything I can do to help.

Kathy: I’m glad you feel that way.  The dishes need to be washed and the bathrooms need to be cleaned and the rugs need to be vacuumed.

Paula: Doesn’t Elsie–

Kathy: Elsie is my friend who comes and helps me take care of Declan.  I couldn’t do it without her.  You said you would help and I’m accepting your offer and while you’re here you’ll sleep on the couch.  Come on, Elsie, let’s take Declan for a walk to the park.

Paula: Well I suppose I should say thank you.

Kathy: Your welcome and as for this being your family home Jim and I have raised our family here so this is my home and don’t you forget it.  Come on, Elsie.  (They exit.)

(Paula crosses to the sink and looks at the dirty dishes.)

CUT-TO: Interior.  Jen’s kitchen.  It’s a mess as is the rest of the house.  

Jen: Holy shit!  Olive!  Are you here?  Olive!

(Olive enters from the stairs.)

Olive: I was wondering when you were going to get back.

Jen: Don’t be so happy to see me because you’re out!  I’m selling this house once I hire someone to clean it.

Olive: That’s all right.  I want to move to be a better house anyway.  A bigger one for both me and Rosie.  I figure I can hire a private nurse now.  Round the clock for Rosie.

Jen: What the fuck are you talking about?

Olive: That’s obvious.  I want more money.

Jen: For what?

Olive: You haven’t forgotten that I know about you and Doctor Goldman having sex in the backseat of his car during the flood?  Now it was a nice chunk of change when Richard Wembly was your boyfriend but now that he’s your husband you have so much more to lose.  You don’t look so good.

Jen: You’re not going to stop are you?  Ever?

Olive: My money for Rosie is running out for some reason and my other plan for money didn’t pan out so I need money from you and I’ll continue to take it no matter what.

Jen: You fucking blood sucker!

Olive: Funny.  People think that’s what you are.  Marrying a man you don’t love so it has to be for his money.

Jen: I do love him.  I don’t give a shit about his money.  What the hell am I explaining it to you for?  You don’t a thing about love.

Olive: Wrong again.  I did know about it once.  He walked out and left me with Rosie.  Then I poured all my love into Rosie and look where’s that gotten us?  I don’t give a shit about anybody except Rosie so you’d better pay up or else I’ll tell your rich husband everything.

Richard: And just what is everything you have to tell, Olive?

(We see Richard standing in the kitchen door way.)

Close up of Olive, Richard, and then Jen 

Fade to Black



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